Wisdom for Staff & Board of Directors

Pray for John Brown, Gregory Lee and our Board of Directors.

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Pray for another Resident Missionary

As we begin to implement the Promise Valley vision, our foundational work will be to recruit & develop resident missionaries. Please pray with us for God to provide men we need to begin this core work.  

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2014 Summer Camp Prayers

We have 10 children and students preparing to go to summer camp.

Please pray for:

  1. Comfort away from home
  2. Relationships between Counselors and campers
  3. The Gospel message to be heard and responded to
  4. Disciplines of spiritual growth will be caught

2013 Fall Programs Prayer

Keep in prayer our needs for:

  • Program leaders for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Programs
  • Two new groups to host Sunday Afternoon programs
  • Connection with local community
  • Cooperation with local churches in upcoming events
  • Communication with parents of children in regards to physical and spiritual needs
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2014 Capital Projects

  • Electricity Upgrades (Lighting and Outlets)
  • Floor Refinishing (Subfloor & Flooring)
  • Door Upgrades (Garage, Interior, Entryways)
  • Finish Basement (Sealing, Painting, Shelving)
  • Groundskeeping - Plow attachment for mower
  • New Entryway (Covered Side Entrance)
  • Resource Center (Desks, Library Shelving)
  • Purchase a new or new-to-us Van
  • Upgrade Windows
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