October 2015 Newsletter


October 2015 Newsletter of Promise Valley, A Ministry of Seneca Gospel Mission

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Some Highlights

Annual Banquet  11/14, Renovation Days, Introducing the Interns, Giving Goals

A future together 

by John Brown

It is my joy to share that I’m engaged to be married!  The “big day” will be in June.  I look forward to the days ahead with my love, Caila.  Together over the last several months we’ve been reading the book The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller.  In it, the author describes the secret or mystery of marriage.  “This is the secret — that the gospel of Jesus and marriage explain one another.  That when God invented marriage, he already had the saving work of Jesus in mind.” It has been one thing to ponder the love of Christ in my mind and an entirely different thing to live it out to another person.  Yet, most significant of all has been the realization that Caila is accepting & loving me, flaws and all, and will promise to be with me every day ahead.  This promise of marriage is a shadow of the promise we have in Christ.  Christ loves & forgives me, by giving his own life to save mine, and promises that He & I have a future together, forever.


Introducing the Interns


by John Brown

It’s been a few weeks with Matt and Jared, and they already have been a great help to the ministry.   

Matt is a local from the Kaisertown neighborhood and recent high school graduate.  He is working part-time in the community alongside serving with us 10-15 hours a week.  He is seeking the Lord’s direction for his life in regards to service in ministry.  

Jared is an intern with the Steps ministries who will live with us until March.  He is serving with us about 6 hours a week.  He’s from the Boston, NY area.

Both are willing servants to help with property projects and children’s programs.  They also enjoy playing the game of Risk together.  Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy to join a game yet!  

Pray for us all as we grow spiritual maturity, experience ministry in different ways and live alongside each other.


Double the Budget

This is a prayer and a push

In order to further our ministry, we’re praying for the Lord through His people to double our budget in the next two years.  From the present $50,000 made possible in 2015 by 14 local churches, 2 businesses and 72 individuals.  The push will be, as funds become available, to hire new staff to focus on making our ministry programs more effective and excellent in discipleship.


You can give:

  1. By check, written to
    Seneca Gospel Mission & mailed to
    462 Elk St, Buffalo NY 14210
  2. http://j.mp/PromiseValley will lead you to our online giving page.
  3. Paypal email to donate@senecagospel.org

Missionary Support

John Brown is raising support for the level of $24,000 a year.  SGM has provided a $12,000 annual salary but is beginning the process of transferring staff to missionary support raising.  John currently also works part-time as a Web Developer & IT Trainer. 

Goal: $24,000

Current Level:  $6,000 or 25%

Left to raise: $18,000 or 75%


You’re Invited 

‘White for Harvest’ Banquet Sat. Nov 14, 2015
5:30 - 7:30 pm
at Whitehaven Rd Baptist
1290 Whitehaven Rd,
Grand Island, NY 14072
RSVP by 11/7 to 462-6506



 Renovation Days will begin Nov 16, 18 & 20th.  Join us for some demolition and renovation in the late afternoon/evenings. Will need help with drywall, insulations flooring, electrical & painting.



Text/Call/Email to find out how to help. 
(716) 462-6506 or connect@promisevalley.org