January 2017

a breath of life January 2017 NEWSLETTER OF  PROMISE VALLEY

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Rev. John Brown, Executive Director call: (716) 822-5631 connect@PROMISEVALLEY.org

Praying and Planning

The transition to a new year reminds me to look back and to look forward.  We thank God for all that has happened in 2016, even all the waiting.  With a vision in mind to reach our community for Christ, We get ansy to just get things done, see ideas come alive and souls come to know their Creator.  

Yet, we have to wait on the Lord.  Looking forward, 2017, looks to be another year of waiting. 1) We are waiting (and looking) for the right people to hear the call of God and join us (as Interns, Staff or Local Allies)to be an abiding life-giving presence for Christ in South Buffalo.  2) We are waiting on remodeling to get done (not our strength), to move forward with new programs on site. While we wait, we continue to pray for God to work in us and in those around us.  We plan on how to love our neighbors and disciple others. 

O Lord, let your ear be attentive to the prayer of your servant, and to the prayer of your servants who delight to fear your name… Nehemiah 1:11a

Pray, like Nehemiah, for God to be attentive and give us wisdom in partnerships & success in His work, in His time.

 bentagg-steps-012017.png Ben Tagg of Steps Teachingkids-steps-012017.png A messy snack time

Ministry Updates


  • Children’s ministry in partnership with Steps on Friday afternoons (JAM club) continues weekly
  • Youth Mentoring in partnership with Caz Basketball weekly with two youth.
  • Christmas gifts were a blessing to 9 kids from three families this last month.
  • Farm:  plans to expand from 1700 to 2500 sq ft this year.  Will need help to build & plant.
  • Property:  Indoor renovations delayed.  Need assistance in remodeling.
  • Fundraising:  We’d like to raise $1200 a month to support Aaron as farm manager and assistant to everything else we do.
  • Fundraising:  John has picked up another job and is provided for at current support level.

How to serve at Promise Valley

We’re excited to move forward on our farm project.  If you would like to join in on one of our projects, here is a schedule for them below.  It is a great activity for a small group to serve and have fellowship together.

Saturday Work Days - Coffee & Donuts will be served!  

February 11th - Building Light Towers

March 11th - Planting Indoors

April 8th - Build Cold Frames

May 6th - Outdoor Planting

June 10th - Build Fence

TBD July/August - Finish Fence/Build Hoophouse

Weeding & Watering

We’re looking for volunteers to help weed & water as available from June - October.  This will be coordinated with Aaron. 

Ministry Opportunities

Abiding Resident Missionaries - Join us from 3 months to 3 years in an immersive Urban Ministry experience.  

Neighborhood Acts of Kindness - When the weather is warmer.  Plan a day to help our community in a prayer walk combined with helping our neighbors with small things.

Children’s Ministry - Weekly kids programs could use help in serving snacks, reading, teaching and leading songs or games.


How to Give

Undesignated gifts will go directly to our general ministry fund. Our staff raises funds to continue ministering to the community.  Gifts can be made toward Aaron (Farm Manager & Ministry Assistant).  Funds can also be designated to Capital projects which includes property improvements & farm expansion.

Visit PromiseValley.org/Give online to pay via Paypal or Credit Card 

Checks can be written to: Seneca Gospel Mission or Promise Valley and mailed to
 462 Elk St Buffalo, NY 14210

Thank you for your prayers and support! 
Give John a call at (716) 822-5631 or email john@promisevalley.org