Giving Tuesday 2017

What's all the hoop-la about?!

It's the season of giving! This "Giving Tuesday" we're launching a fundraiser for a hoop house for the Promise Valley farm.  A hoop house is a plastic tunnel made of hoops to keep plants warmer. It speeds up how early we can plant and extends the growing season.   Here's an example:


With a hoop-house and relatively sunny winter we can grow greens for our community even into the Buffalo winter.  We have a $1000 match challenge to make this interesting!  If we all can raise $1000 together towards this project, Promise Valley has set aside $500 and an anonymous donor another $500 to cover the cost of our first hoop house.


Let's do this!

$600.00 pledged

How much will you pledge to donate on 08:00 AM EST on November 28 2017?