December 2015 - Breath of Life

The Wonder of Light

As the streets light-up in festivity these last weeks of the year, it is a tradition for some to pass through the streets and view in wonder the beauty of Christmas lights.  There is a wonder inherent in these brilliant often-blinking bulbs.  To others though, whether to busyness, apathy, or over-familiarity they pass by these lights with no regard.  This mirrors our own spiritual life.  We’ve been given the ‘Light of the World’ to enjoy, talk to and experience in awestruck wonder.  Like a child giggling at a prancing deer made of light, we can wonder at our Savior and coming King, Jesus Christ.  Let me encourage you this season not to pass Him by for comfort of the darkness but enjoy Him for who He is and wonder in his Light!

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  John 8:12b (ESV)

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Thank you for your generosity!

Thank you to all who have donated time, money, food, Christmas gifts, hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, skills and plenty more to the Promise Valley ministry this past year!  It is a wonderful joy to share good to those in our community that lead to moments to share the gospel.  I expectantly await the day where Jesus Christ is made known to the child, student, parent, grandparent, neighbor and they respond to Him in life-giving faith!

Remodeling Update

The ministry center renovation has begun!  We’re updating everything from floor to ceiling.  I’m grateful for Matt and Jared, our intern and a half, who have been helping with lots of cleanup and heavy lifting.  Also a variety of volunteers and a crew from Rapids Bible Church helped get a large portion of the demolition done; such a big help!  

We have a few people lining up to start the next phases of the project come January.  We’ll still need more help with drywall for walls and ceiling and painting thereafter. 

Our ministry center updates will help us implement future programs, host community meals and offer a nice space for neighbors to have family parties.

Are you connected?

You can connect with us digitally in a variety of ways. Our newsletter is available on our website, along with a growing amount of ministry information:E-mail news is available too.

You can also receive text updates by texting CONNECT to (716)462-6506

How to get involved in our urban ministry:

  • Afterschool Literacy: TBD - 4-6pm, Mon - Fri
  • Caz Kids Awana Club:  Wednesdays, 6-8pm
  • Mentoring:  TBD, 3-6pm, Mon-Fri & Saturdays
  • Farm planning, Drywall, Flooring, Painting & more


(716) 462-6506 or


You can pray for: 

  • Boldness to share Christ for John, Matt & Jarred.
  • Wisdom for our Board of Directors: Mike, Kevin, Al, Jonathan, Lisa, Jody, Larry.
  • Jesus Christ to be known by our students, children, parents, grandparents and neighbors.
  • Caila and John as the plan for a wedding, buy a house and prepare for marriage.
  • Safety, skill and resources for continuing renovations.
  • Volunteers & Staffing for after-school and farming initiatives.

Missionary Support

John Brown is raising support to the annual level of $24,000. SGM has begun the process of transitioning staff to a support raising model.

Goal: $24,000

Current Level:  $6,500 or 27%

Left to raise: $17,500 or 73%

How to Give

Thank your for considering an end-of-year gift.  If you’d like to commit to a regular donation, please call John and request giving envelopes.

You can give in these ways:

  1. By check, written to
    Seneca Gospel Mission
    & mailed to
    462 Elk St, Buffalo NY 14210
  2. will lead you to our online giving page.
  3. Paypal email to

Some Photos:


Some of our Caz Kids attenders learning the Bible



 & making Christmas crafts.


Remodeling has begun!



Dinner with students at local shop ”Dog Ears”IMG_9567.jpg